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Process America is a registered ISO of MERRICK BANK, PREVIOUS HARRIS BANK they are running a fraudulent enterprise, The scam consists of placing a 20% reserve for any credit card transation to cover potential losses for high risk business, but if for any reason your business is shut down they must by the credit card association rules release those funds after 9 months of the account closure., but in process america's case they wont release a penny, it seems that CRAIG RICKARD is living a lavish life style off his closed EX CLIENT'S account's reserve.Apparently processing credit cards is not CRAIG RICKARD main business, obviously stealing his client's reserve is more profitable.

At this point several EX angry clients are filling a class action lawsuit against CYNERGY DATA and PROCESS AMERICA to recover the stolen money tjhat CRAIG RICKARD collected over the years. Some clients went even further they are seeking the FTC help to assist them against PROCESS AMERICA DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICE. I hope somebody at MERRICK BANK, HARRIS BANK or the CREDIT CARD ASSOCIATION read this and put a stop on this SCAM. We also made a background check on CRAIG RICKARD and according to police records he was arrested on drug possesion back on 1991.


I've used Process America before and THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY THE WORST credit card processor on the planet!! They are a bunch of lying thieves!! Yes, they will promise you the world and then keep all of your F'ing money...If you use this company currently, do yourself a favor and STOP NOW!

and if you're even just thinking about using them...well, you're a complete ***!!I hope this helps someone...

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I shut our company down July 2 2011 , process America is holding over $400,000.00 of my money, we now are having to file against them, an we have discovered that they are doing the same thing to many other customers, so for the *** that write a positive review about them your credibility is less than standard!

to Well to those that are writing Woodland Hills, California, United States #621874

I love process America..They have been straight shooters.

So its hard to swallow these guys and their claims that Craig is screwing them..

I have no complaints about Craig screwing is beneath me to say anything negative negative about him.*** on guys!


Do not process with Process America, they will require a reserve that it will never be returned to you. The CEO Craig Rickard stoler more than a millon dollars in reserve from customer around the country, money he used to buy his house, hookers and cocaine. Do not do business with this CROOK!


All the boys in the Bobin for apples club appreciate Craig Rickard and His backdoor contributions. Dont knock it till you rochk it,

Ive Processed enough of Craigs reserves to say hes yummy! WEEEEEEE!


Mr Rickard had contacted me and asked me to write an honest review assessing his companies business ethics and customer service.The accounting department at Tandy has informed me that our relationship with Process America and Mr Rickard is above the standards we expect from any company we do business with.

We have had no issues that are similar to the allegations made by the statements that individuals have made in the above complaints. I would, and have recommended Process America to close friends and clients with no complications as of present. Mr.

Rickard, Thank you for your professionalism and has been a pleasure doing business with Process America.


I have been doing business with p[process America for eight years now.I own a chain of restaurants.

We process millions in credit card payments through Process America. They have good rates, G treat customer service, i will say this from experience only.

Process America has never betrayed our company, Our legal department has a very good business relationship, (one based on trust) with Process America and Mr.Rickard who has invited me and my family in his home Our company and its subsidiaries have received 'ALL'of our reserves back from Process america in a timely manner, Based on our companies long standing relationship with Craig Rickard and Process america, these negative post and rants seem unmerited and frivolous.

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